Designed to fit over any 45-gallon barrel, the Barrel Topper Lid comes in a range of colors and an assortment of label options to best fit your waste stream.

BARREL TOPPER - Lid - Full - Bluestone
US $59.95
HAPPY HANDS SANISTAND - Sanitize Your Hands Here - White
US $146.11
PURIFY - Unit - M1 - Cedar-Black
US $179.30
From: $188.77
REVIVE - Unit - Circle - Cedar-Black
US $222.80
From: $234.60
barrel topper series
  • Source separate materials by adding a stream-specific Barrel Topper to an existing 45 gallon drum
  • Affordable solution to make your current system more effective
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  • Curved top allows contents to remain dry until servicing
  • Comes with full opening